CCM Dance Presents Their Fall Concert Dec. 3-5

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The CCM Ballet Ensemble present their Fall Concert Dec. 3 – 5 in Patricia Corbett Theater. The concert showcases two world premieres by award winning choreographers and CCM faculty members Jiang Qi (with CCM composer Michael Fiday) and Michael Tevlin. The event also features a re-staging of the “Pas de Deux” from Don Quixote by CCM faculty and former American Ballet Theatre ballerina Deirdre Carberry and additional works by adjunct faculty members Ka-Ron Lehman Brown and Suzette Boyer Webb.

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An Introduction to CCM Dance

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CCM’s Dance Division opens their season next month with their annual Fall Dance Concert, running Dec. 3-5 in Patricia Corbett Theater. In honor of the event, we present you with a brief introduction to CCM Dance, courtesy of the Presentation Technology and Services Group at the University of Cincinnati. Stay tuned for more information on the Fall Dance Concert!

The Dance Division gratefully acknowledges the support of The Corbett Endowment at CCM.

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CCM Slideshows: Dance Choreographer’s Showcase

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Emerging choreographers present a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and movement at CCM’s annual Choreographer’s Showcase. Shellie Cash, director. All photography courtesy of Will Brenner. The Dance Division gratefully acknowledges the support of the Corbett Foundation at CCM.

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