Ariel Quartet Wins Cleveland Quartet Award

The Ariel String Quartet at CCM. Courtesy of The Enquirer/ Liz Dufour.

The Ariel String Quartet at CCM. Courtesy of The Enquirer/ Liz Dufour.

It is our pleasure to report that CCM’s string quartet-in-residence, the internationally acclaimed Ariel Quartet, has added another major award to its already impressive list of honors! The Quartet will receive the Cleveland Quartet Award, a biennial honor that recognizes and promotes rising string quartets.

The award will be presented at Chamber Music America’s National Conference next January. “We are delighted that the Ariel Quartet has been recognized for its impressive artistic achievements, and pleased that the Cleveland Quartet Award will have a role in developing this young ensemble’s future career,” says Margaret M. Lioi, Chamber Music America’s chief executive officer.

The creation of a lasting legacy for young musicians was envisioned by the Cleveland Quartet in 1995, as a culmination of its remarkable 26-year history. The quartet joined forces with Chamber Music America (CMA) and eight prominent chamber music presenters to found the Cleveland Quartet Award and to raise funds for the establishment of the Cleveland Quartet Endowment Fund.  The first recipient was the Brentano String Quartet, and subsequent recipients were the Borromeo, Miami, Pacifica, Miró, Jupiter, Parker and Jasper quartets. You can learn more about the Cleveland Quartet Award here.

Experience for yourself why CCM’s string quartet-in-residence is so acclaimed during the Ariel Quartet’s upcoming Beethoven Cycle. Learn more about that concert series here.

Read even more about the Ariel Quartet’s win courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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