CCM’s Music Theory and Musicology Society (MTMS) hosts its eighth biennial student conference on April 3 and 4, 2020.

Entitled “Conversations in Music,” the conference is designed to engage both UC students and students from other institutions in the broad field of music scholarship.

The conference features keynote speakers Danuta Mirka (Northwestern University) and Daniel Goldmark (Case Western Reserve University). It will be held in conjunction with the long running Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Thinking About Music Lecture Series at CCM.

This year’s conference will also include a workshop led by ethnomusicologist and CCM faculty member Scott Linford, PhD, inviting conference participants to engage in an interactive analysis of conversations among musical cultures.

Interested in attending? Register for the conference online. Please e­mail all inquiries to MTMS Executive Board Members Bryce Newcomer and Carly Barnes at

About MTMS
CCM’s Music Theory and Musicology Society engages all interested members of the UC community to discuss issues relating to music theory and musicology. The MTMS regularly maintains forums for the purpose of discussing theoretical, historical and cultural topics in music. Past MTMS Conference programs are available online.

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