CCM Opera d’arte presents Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, opening on Thursday, Feb. 6 with additional performances on Saturday, Feb. 8 and Sunday, Feb. 9. Tickets available online.

CCM showcases its undergraduate opera singers with an Opera d’arte production of L’Orfeo, opening at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6 in the Cohen Family Studio Theater. L’Orfeo centers the Greek myth of the tragically-doomed musician, Orpheus, with music by Claudio Monteverdi and a libretto by Alessandro Striggio. Amy Johnson directs and co-produces the opera alongside Kenneth Shaw, with Brett Scott serving as music director and conductor.

L’Orfeo, premiered in 1607, bridges the musical divide between the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. It is the oldest opera that is still regularly performed to this day. CCM’s production embraces the aesthetic of 1969’s iconic music festival, Woodstock. With the ideas of the Age of Aquarius, flower children, free love, social justice and peace in mind, the opera celebrates the 50th anniversary of the colorful and hopeful music festival.

The story opens on Orpheus and Eurydice’s wedding day, but their joy is cut short when Eurydice is fatally bitten by a venomous snake. Orpheus follows after her to Hades, where he vows to win her back or die trying. The queen of the underworld is moved by Orpheus’ song of woe and appeals to her husband to give Orpheus and Eurydice another chance at love and life. If he is to return her to the land of the living, Orpheus must combat his own doubts, or else he will lose his beloved forever.

L’Orfeo opens on Thursday, Feb. 6 with additional performances on Saturday, Feb. 8 and Sunday, Feb. 9 in CCM’s Cohen Family Studio Theater. Visit the CCM Box Office or call 513-556-4183 to reserve.

Cast List

  • Logan Wagner and Andrew Cunningham as Orfeo
  • Claudia Neff as La Musica
  • Melody Spencer as Eurydice
  • Alea Vernon as Nifa/Ensemble
  • Breanna Flores as Proserpina/Ensemble
  • Storm Hargrave and Sarah Scofield as Messaggiera (Sylvia)
  • Clara Reeves as Speranza
  • Briana Drew as Spirit 3/Ensemble
  • Katie Riederer as Spirit 2/Ensemble
  • Victoria Popritin as Spirit 1/Ensemble
  • Sam Dhobhany as Plutone/Ensemble
  • Josh Klein as Caronte/Ensemble
  • Matthew Goodheart as Apollo/Pastore II/Ensemble
  • Reed Demangone as Eco/Pastore I/Ensemble
  • Grant Peck as Pastore III/Ensemble
  • Henry Lunn as Pastore IV/Ensemble

Performance Times

  • 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6
  • 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8
  • 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 9


Cohen Family Studio Theater, CCM Village
University of Cincinnati


Prices start at $10. Please visit the CCM Box Office website or call 513-556-4183 to reserve.

Learn about additional ticket options for current CCM students.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the CCM Box Office, over the telephone at 513-556-4183 or online now through our e-box office.

Parking and Directions

Parking is available in the CCM Garage (located at the base of Corry Boulevard off Jefferson Avenue) and additional garages throughout the UC campus. Please visit for information on parking rates.

For detailed maps and directions, please visit Additional parking is available off-campus at the U Square complex on Calhoun Street and other neighboring lots.

For directions to CCM Village, visit

Opera d’arte Sponsor: the Rafael and Kimberly Daniel de Acha Foundation

Story by CCM graduate student Alexandra Doyle

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