On Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, CCM kicked off its 5th annual university-wide 48-Hour Film Festival, produced by Richard Hess, Chair of the CCM Acting Department. This year’s festival attracted 90 participating students from across multiple UC colleges who came together in one weekend to create six short films.

Participants included students from the CCM Acting Department, as well as students from CCM’s Electronic Media, Musical Theatre, Commercial Music Production and Theatre Design and Production programs. The festival also welcomed student participants from other UC majors including: Communication, English Literature, Fine Arts, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, Computer Science and more.

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“The festival challenges students to quickly solve problems and the fast turnaround of the project helped eliminate the second-guessing often involved in creative work,” says Hess. “The 48-Hour Film Festival is a perfect chance to say, ‘Yes, yes, yes! With your creativity, a space, a camera and some people interested in storytelling, you can make a beautiful short film together in a short period of time and that’s amazing!”

Students created six films for this year’s festival: The Medium’s Assistant, Woodrow, True Accurate Honest Portrayals of Stories that Actually Happened to People, The Sparkling, Ononta Avenue, and Ghost Getters. The films were screened in a packed house on Sunday, Oct. 28 in the Main Street Cinema at UC’s Tangeman University Center.

Each year the festival offers awards to the students involved in the audience’s favorite films. This year’s Audience Awards go to:

  • Outstanding Film – Woodrow, produced by Audrey Schlembach
  • Outstanding Direction – Briley Oakley (The Medium’s Assistant)
  • Outstanding Cinematography – Lindsey Ballou (Ononta Avenue)
  • Outstanding Editing – Eli Lucas (Ononta Avenue)
  • Outstanding Writing – Abby Palen, Jabari Carter, Ellie Fangman (Woodrow)
  • Outstanding Writing – Donovan Williams, Kayla Temshiv, Lucas Prizant (Ghost Getters)
  • Outstanding Composition – Duncan Weinland  (Ghost Getters)
  • Outstanding Production Design – Gabriella DiVincenzo (The Medium’s Assistant)
  • Outstanding Performance by an Actor – Jabari Carter (Woodrow)
  • Outstanding Performance by an Actress – Paige Jordan (The Medium’s Assistant)
  • Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actor – Jack Steiner (Ghost Getters)
  • Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actress – Kristina Steinmetz (Woodrow)

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