Do you need to fulfill your fine arts credits? Have you always wanted to learn to dance but couldn’t get over the stage fright? Do you have free time this summer to jam with a virtual band on your laptop or study the music of The Beatles, all while earning class credit?

This summer, you can complete your arts elective requirements on campus or online. UC’s College-Conservatory of Music offers more than 20 different general studies and fine arts elective courses during six different sessions this summer. These credit-granting courses cover a wide range of topics and are open to UC and non-UC students alike!

Learn the basics of modern dance in on campus or online classes designed for beginners or experienced dancers. Film a digital video, create your own podcast or learn about the evolution of Japanese Pop, anime and video game music in movie and media appreciation courses.

CCM’s music appreciation courses cover the music of Prince, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and more.  You can also turn your laptop into a musical instrument and jam with a virtual band in music performance classes.

On-Campus and Online arts courses are just a click away: visit to learn more!

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