2018 Grammy Awards Logo

Congratulations to CCM alumni Donald Nally (BM Music Education, 1982) and David Pescovitz (BFA Electronic Media, 1992) on their 2018 Grammy Award wins!

Nally conducts The Crossing, a professional chorus based in Philadelphia, which won the Grammy Award for Best Choral Performance for their recording Gavin Bryars: The Fifth Century. You can listen to the recording online at crossingchoir.org/grammy.

Pescovitz won the Grammy Award for Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package for The Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition. According to Pescovitz’s interview with WCPO Cincinnati, the project is an homage to the 1977 NASA probe that launched into space with a curated golden record, The Sounds of Earth, which served as a sort of time capsule intended to communicate the story of our world to any extraterrestrials who might find it in the distant future.

Learn more about Pescovitz’s win in Gil Kaufman’s feature on WCPO Cincinnati.

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