UC’s College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) offers more than 60 different general studies and fine arts elective courses during the spring 2018 semester. These credit-granting courses are open to all UC students and cover a wide range of topics from dance to music, media and theatre arts.

Learn the basics of modern dance and ballet or master the hip-hop moves seen in your favorite music videos in classes designed for beginners or experienced dancers. Watch classic Hollywood films, analyze the development of American TV sitcoms and take a closer look at how entertainment culture is created and consumed in media classes.

CCM’s music appreciation courses cover genres from Japanese pop and video game music to rock ‘n’ roll, including the music of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. New classes offered this spring explore the music of Prince, Woodstock or local music in your communities.

You can also turn your laptop into a musical instrument, or learn to play the piano or guitar with hands-on music performance classes. Theatre arts classes allow students to learn the craft of acting, study script analysis or discover the art of stage and make-up design in introductory courses.

Online and on-campus arts courses are just a click away! Visit ccm.uc.edu/arts4all for a full listing of the spring 2018 fine arts course listings.

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