A $15 million renovation project will upgrade the overall technology of CCM performance venues to advance the working and learning experiences of students. Launched in spring 2016, the renovations have temporarily closed many of CCM’s theaters, but venues are scheduled to reopen for performances during the fall 2017 semester.

The renovation project will upgrade theater controls, stage rigging and lighting, as well as install new audio and video systems in CCM’s Corbett Auditorium, Patricia Corbett Theater, Cohen Family Studio Theater, Robert J. Werner Recital Hall and Watson Hall.

“This project ensures that CCM students are working with updated, professional-level theater technology,” Senior Director of Performance Operations Ray Dobson says. “A majority of patrons may not be able to discern a large part of the behind-the-scene renovations, but the upgrades directly impact and improve the day-to-day working and learning experiences of our students. Our audiences should be pleased with the updated seating and new energy-efficient L.E.D. house lights.”

Renovations will improve connectivity between all of CCM’s performance venues. Upgrades include the installation of new video monitoring systems, intercom systems and an inter-venue technical production communication system. The project also includes the installation of fiber optic cables that will make live streaming future CCM events possible.

New lighting and a new stage will be installed in Corbett Auditorium as part of the renovations, along with new carpet, seating and a new stage curtain. The seating in Patricia Corbett Theater will be refurbished, and a new carpet will be installed in the theater’s lobby. Patricia Corbett Theater will also have updated heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Watch the below video to see workers install the seats in Patricia Corbett Theater:

New seating will also be installed in the Cohen Family Studio Theater and Watson Hall. Additionally, Watson Hall will receive a new carpet and an acoustic sound panel.

The Robert J. Werner Recital Hall and Watson Hall have been reopened for CCM performances. Renovations to the Cohen Family Studio Theater are ongoing, but it has reopened for public events.

Patricia Corbett Theater has reopened for CCM performances. The venue’s first concert of the 2017-18 season featured the CCM Philharmonia on Sept. 8. On Sept. 12, the CCM Jazz Orchestra will play a tribute concert to the Rolling Stones in the refurbished venue.

Corbett Auditorium will reopen for CCM performances by December. Audiences will be able to experience the renovated venue at the annual Feast of Carols performances on Dec. 2 and 3.

CCM’s state-of-the-art facilities provide students with professional-level working and learning environments to prepare them for future careers. As the college enters its 150th year, this renovation leads CCM into a new era as a top training center for the performing and media arts.

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