Professor John Owens has been appointed head of CCM's Division of Electronic Media.

Professor John Owens has been appointed head of CCM’s Division of Electronic Media.

CCM is pleased to announce that Professor John Owens, PhD, has been appointed head of the Division of Electronic Media (E-Media). Owens’ appointment will take effect this summer, following the retirement of former E-Media division head Marjorie Fox.

Owens joined CCM E-Media’s faculty in 1999 and has taught a variety of courses concentrated in the areas of media sales and programming. He also leads students in the development and management of Bearcast, the University of Cincinnati’s official internet radio station. In 2001, he was recognized with a CCM Ernest N. Glover Outstanding Teaching Award.

Owens holds a PhD from the University of Alabama and previously taught at Western Carolina University. His extensive professional experience includes work as producer, host, co-author, on-air talent and news reporter for AM and FM stations. He is published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, an academic textbook and several trade publications.

Owens brings a strong interest in emerging media technologies to his new position at CCM. His research on internet radio was recognized with consecutive first place awards during the 2002 and 2003 National Conventions of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA). Owens currently serves as chair of the Radio and Audio Media Division of the BEA.

“I’d like to thank Dean Peter Landgren and the Electronic Media Division Head Search Committee for selecting me for this important post,” Owens says. “I am humbled, grateful and excited about taking on this new challenge.”

Learn more about Owens appointment here.

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