UC announced that it surpassed the $1 billion goal of its Proudly Cincinnati campaign, the most ambitious fundraising effort in the university’s history. In all, more than 91,000 individual and corporate donors – including alumni, staff, community partners, corporations, foundations and friends of the university – helped UC reach the $1 billion mark four months ahead of the campaign’s June 2013 deadline.

This achievement places UC among one percent of all U.S. colleges and universities to have ever raised $1 billion.

“Raising $1 billion is a truly remarkable achievement, and we should take a moment to reflect and celebrate and, above all, to thank those who have supported us so generously,” said UC President Santa J. Ono, PhD. “The key to this fundraising success, though, is not simply that we raised the money but the impact it will have on everything from experiential learning to opportunities to study abroad.”

The quiet phase of Proudly Cincinnati launched in July 2005 with a goal of $800 million. It went public in 2008, when the new $1 billion goal was announced. Of the $1 billion raised, 33 percent came from outside of Cincinnati, with the top three regions being New York City, Washington, D.C. and Northern California. 59 percent of campaign donors are alumni. More than $101 million has been raised through the campaign for student financial support, including financial aid and scholarships.

“The success of Proudly Cincinnati solidifies UC’s place as a world-class university and allows us to continue to implement our vision,” said UC Board Chairman Fran Barrett.

UC alumnus Otto M. Budig, Jr. – who served as campaign co-chair with H.C. “Buck” Niehoff – said he was particularly proud the campaign’s success places UC among the one percent of universities in fundraising prowess. “We should expect to be in such prestigious company in all that we do,” he added.

Co-chair Niehoff echoed that sentiment. “The success of Proudly Cincinnati is yet another indicator of UC’s excellence,” he said. “Every great American city has a distinguished university, and Cincinnati is no exception.”

Even as the university paused to celebrate the $1 billion milestone, President Ono reiterated a short-term goal to secure a total of 100,000 donors. “We are closing in on 92,000 donors, and UC and its legion of supporters always respond to a challenge,” he said. “We believe 100,000 is within our reach.”

To learn more about Proudly Cincinnati and the University of Cincinnati’s plans for continuing the campaign, please visit ProudlyCincinnati.org.

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