CCM Master of Music candidate Kris Rucinski.

First year Master of Music in Piano Performance student Kristofer Rucinski.

Steven Rosen shares his thoughts on the Nov. 29 conclusion to CCM’s month-long Cage Centennial Celebration in a recent CityBeat blog post, writing:

I attended the crowded event to see the group I had featured, Percussion Group Cincinnati, perform Cage’s Music for Three while the CCM Philharmonia played Cage’s Renga. It was as charming and strange, as enigmatically mysterious, as one expects of Cage.

But what was completely unexpected — and absolutely, breathtakingly, thrilling — was the performance before that, CCM student Kris Rucinski’s mastery of the four movements of Lou Harrison’s Piano Concerto.

You can read Rosen’s review of the concert here and his original feature here.

About Kristofer Rucinski
Hailed as a “phenomenal talent” (Cincinnati CityBeat), pianist Kristofer Rucinski has performed throughout the Midwest, including recitals in Knoxville and Nashville and a recent performance of the Lou Harrison Piano Concerto with the CCM Philharmonia. Since beginning formal studies at the age of nine, contemporary music and improvisation have been at the forefront of Kris’s repertoire, which includes several world premieres. His principle teachers have been Thomas Lymenstull, Daniel Shapiro, and David Brunell. Mr. Rucinski is currently pursuing his Master’s of Music at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, where he is a student of Elisabeth Pridonoff.

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