"Chess" runs Oct. 25 - 28 in UC's Corbett Auditorium. Photography by Mark Lyons.

“Chess” runs Oct. 25 – 28 in UC’s Corbett Auditorium. Photography by Mark Lyons.
Tickets on sale now! Visit ccm.uc.edu for more information. Photography by Mark Lyons.

In her review of Chess for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jackie Demaline writes, “It’s easy to be swept up in the spectacle conjured by director Aubrey Berg – great singing, great dancing, jaw-dropping costuming, superb orchestral support (led by Stephen Goers), sharp techno scenic design (by Mark Halpin and Alan Hanson).”

Chess runs through this Sunday, Oct. 28 in UC’s Corbett Auditorium. Tickets are still available by calling 513-556-4183, visiting CCM’s E-Box Office here!

Read more of Demaline’s review after the jump.

The Enquirer’s review continues: “On a set dominated by rolling light towers and with a chessboard-inspired floor, a company of 40-plus wear what look like a few hundred costumes by Reba Senske – the dreary peasant garb of the Hungarian Revolution (where young Florence is torn from her father’s arms in 1956 never to see him again); the grays, tans and browns of business wear; the shiny, metallic flash of The Arbiter.

Of course there are lots of trench coats for the spies and government baddies on both sides and Senske goes wild with the show’s biggest production number “One Night in Bangkok,” with the entire chorus dancing the night away in a club in the red light district. Skimpy attire includes a “cowboy” with chaps and a glimpse of bare cheeks.”

Read the full review here.

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