As I begin my second lap as Dean of CCM and as we kick-off CCM's second half-century as a college of the University of Cincinnati, we will continue to listen and learn from you.

CCM Dean Peter LandgrenDear CCM Faculty and Staff,

Just a quick note to begin this holiday weekend to thank you for all your hard work and partnership during this past year. I officially began my role as Dean of CCM with you one year ago today, and in that time, you have openly and graciously accepted me into your areas of expertise, and have been patient with me as I have strived to learn the intricacies to what is a very large and diverse educational and presenting enterprise.

We have done tremendous work together over the past 365 days, and that work has spawned several themes that have already helped guide our daily decisions and long-term strategies as we consider sustainable excellence, ONE CCM and Getting CCM off the Hill.

One thing that stands out above everything however is that our efforts have been driven by open communication, civility and respect, and above all, you have not settled for anything short of the highest quality possible. Another thing that resonates loud and clear as I interface regularly with UC’s leadership and people in the community, is an awesome respect for all aspects of CCM.

Here’s to the start of another academic year – our transition to semesters – and welcoming our Provost to the President’s Office. I look forward to this “second lap” with you.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Landgren, Dean
Thomas James Kelly Professor of Music
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati

Saturday Sept. 1, 2012

One comment

  1. Peter Landgren is an exceptional Dean who combines a winning personality with a true humanistic view of how music education works and how music — classical, ethnic, jazz, etc. — can and should be integrated into the fabric of the University at large and, beyond it, the community. Kudos to him!

    Rafael de Acha

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