Jennifer Williams, Fulbright Scholar

Jennifer Williams, Fulbright Scholar

Three University of Cincinnati students and spring graduates – and one faculty member – are heading abroad in the coming academic year to pursue prestigious opportunities for professional development via teaching and work. As previously reported, this group includes recent CCM alumna Jennifer Williams.

Jennifer Williams, 28, of McLean, Va., who just earned an artist diploma from CCM, will pursue apprenticeships in opera stage direction at Berlin’s Komische Oper and Deutsche Oper, as well as Oper Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany) from September 2012 thru May 2013.

She chose Germany as a Fulbright destination because “opera direction in Germany allows artists to pursue the most-innovative works that attract the most diverse audiences in the world, including all social classes, children and adults.” Williams, who began writing musicals at age 12 and directed her first musical theatre production with friends at that age, said she’s always wanted to work at the intersection of music and theatre. The Fulbright opportunity, which will allow her to work with Peter Konwitschny at Oper Leipzig, David Alden at the Deutsche Oper and Barry Kosky at the Komische Opera in Berlin is “fulfilling a dream I’ve had since about 18, even before I ever started college.”

You can learn more about Jennifer Williams here.

You can learn even more about UC’s Fulbright Winners here.

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