CCM is now accepting applications for an innovative new bachelor of music degree in Commercial Music Production (CMP) that will be offered beginning fall semester 2012. This unique program combines core training in music theory, composition, arranging and musicianship with recording studio techniques, commercial music, songwriting, film scoring and media technologies.

The CMP degree includes an additional emphasis on entrepreneurial business acumen by the inclusion of a minor field in Music Business in Entrepreneurship. This will create a vibrant and exclusive educational experience that will provide graduates numerous opportunities for meaningful employment in the music industry.

The program will provide graduates with skills in the areas of composition for television and commercial media, producing, editing, mixing and running live sound, songwriting, music technology, studio production, film scoring, music business and entrepreneurship, and career management.

Applying to the Program
Application materials include a portfolio with mp3 audio recordings and scores of two original compositions. These should be accompanied by documentation in one of the following formats: scores, lead sheets, chord charts or chord charts with lyrics. The recordings may be from live performances, studio or computer generated (i.e. sequenced, MIDI, playback exported from Finale or Sibelius software). The application should also include two letters of recommendation, at least one of which addresses the applicant’s specific musical qualifications for success in the program. These materials should be uploaded to before a live audition and interview will be scheduled.

Audition requirements include a total of two prepared pieces from the categories of popular song, jazz standard, blues or original compositions, and sight-reading of melodies and/or chord changes.

To be admitted to a bachelor’s program at the University of Cincinnati, you must have fulfilled the high school requirements recommended by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Board of Regents.

For more information, contact CCM’s Office of Admissions and Student Services at 513-556-9479 or

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