CCM’s Corbett Auditorium will be filled with the lively rhythms and beats of CCM’s Steel Drum Band during its annual performance on Saturday, May 21 at 8 p.m. The concert will feature musical styles ranging from reggae to soca, along with a student arrangement of Grammy Award-winning artist Bill Withers’ R&B hit “Lovely Day.”

Second-year Artist Diploma student Benjamin Fraley, who has performed with the Steel Drum Band for the past four years, took on the challenge of arranging Withers’ popular song that he thought would translate well to the 21-member ensemble.

“Any time you arrange a piece, you have to consider the instrument the piece was written for and the instrument you are arranging for. The high range of a trumpet may not ‘speak’ well in the high range of a tenor pan, so parts of songs have to be placed in the correct set of steel drums,” said Fraley. “Because notes in a steel drum are not set up exactly one by one next to each other like on a piano or sometimes not even in the same steel drum, certain phrases have to be thought out carefully in regards to how playable the music is on steel drums.”

In addition to the popular tune heard with Fraley’s arrangement, the audience will also experience reggae and folk music, improvisation and the traditional sounds of Trinidad performed by the CCM Steel Drum Band.

“The group focuses on the traditional music of Trinidad because it gives the students a taste of that style and discipline, which is completely different from their other experiences at CCM,” said Rusty Burge, director of the group.

With a wide mix of musical styles and dynamic performance, the CCM Steel Drum Band concert will delight audiences of all ages.

“People just gravitate toward the sound of steel drums,” said Burge. “The music is upbeat and happy.”

Corbett Auditorium, CCM Village

$10 general admission, $5 non-UC students, UC students FREE

For tickets or more information:
Contact the CCM Box Office at 513-556-4183 or visit

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