CCM Undergraduate Opera students gain experience in Janáček’s reflective opera The Cunning Little Vixen, playing at 8 p.m. in the Cohen Family Studio Theater on April 1 & 2. The opera, which was adapted from a daily newspaper comic strip, is an anthropomorphic fable that jumps from the human to the animal world. In the human realm, the protagonists fret about loneliness and isolation, lost youth and old age. Janáček uses the animals to pay homage to the amazing beauty and power of nature and marvel at the natural cycle of birth, love and death.

Janáček based the characters on his own life experience, stemming from his long unrequited love of a much younger woman. At his request, the final scene was performed at his funeral in 1928.

Opera d’arte, CCM Undergraduate Opera, is conducted by Brett Scott and directed by Kenneth Shaw. Admission is free, but reservations are required. Tickets become available on Monday, March 28 at noon—please contact the CCM Box Office at 513-556-4183 to reserve. Limit two tickets per order.

See CCM’s budding undergraduate students perform this lesser-performed operatic gem, including:


Forester – Edward Nelson & Freddie Ballentine
Forester’s wife – Chelsea Major
Schoolmaster – Josh Wheeker
Badger – Kevin DeVries
The Vixen – Laura Dobroth & Emma Cardiff
Frog – Eric Jurenas
Rooster – Danielle Adams
Hen – Elizabeth Gautche
Grasshopper – Lani Stalt
Cricket – Alison Kaufman
Harašta – Emmett O’Hanlon
Jay – Elliana Kirsch
Lapák the dog – Stephanie Schoenhoffer
Mosquito – Tyler Stahl
Páskova – Tara Morrow
Owl – Ellen Chew
Pásek – Ryan Slone
Pepík – Wayne Shuker
Frantik – Andrew King
Priest – Michael Hewitt
Woodpecker – Emma Siegel
Young Vixen – Natalie Eccleston
The Fox – Kerrie Caldwell & Katherine Papa
Fox cubs and animals of the forest – Lauren Bridges, Kelly Hamm, Rashmi Joglekar, Katherine Jennings, Jessine Johnson, Maggie Dougherty, Annalise Dzwonczyk, Ryan Devens, Richard Oliver


  1. I am trying to obtain 2 tickets for the Cunning little Vixen this Friday or Saturday, I have called over 20 time and pressed the 1 button to connect however all I get each time is a busy signal.

    Is it possible for you to accept my reservation by e-mail.


    1. Hi, Duncan! I apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced. CCM’s Box Office does not open until 12 noon each day. Tickets for several productions went on sale less than an hour ago today, so phone lines have definitely been quite busy all afternoon.

      Please contact the box office at and they should be able to help you with this reservation. I’m afraid we cannot forward a blog comment on to the Box Office to reserve your tickets for you, but do let us know if you have any other questions!

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