The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Feb. 13th Sunday Forum featured an extensive, multi-page special report on CCM. In case you missed the piece in print, you can find links to the electronic versions of the package’s numerous articles below.

Visit for even more content, including videos, an interactive CCM timeline and quiz!

CCM ‘a jewel’ — but can it stay that way?
by Cliff Peale and Janelle Gelfand

CCM’s excellence adds depth to Cincinnati
by Ray Cooklis

Searching for ways to deal with cuts – How is CCM addressing the crunch?
by Cliff Peale

Chinese ties are creating great music
by Janelle Gelfand

Jazz studies is making itself heard
by Janelle Gelfand

CCM’s E-Media students appreciate their settings
by Jackie Demaline

Singers make major impact while in school
by Janelle Gelfand

Musical theatre study attracting top talent
by Jackie Demaline

Curtain going down: Technical theater graduate program to be eliminated
by Jackie Demaline

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