Evita, CCM's Fall Mainstage Musical

Photography by Mark Lyons.

In theatre, timing is everything. That couldn’t be more true for the cast and crew of CCM’s Evita, as they finalize all the details that go into a Mainstage musical production. Later this weekend, a crew of about 60 will load in the large sets, including the installment of a black floor comprised of about 96 four-by-eight-foot wood planks. Then there is the large movie screen that flies in that must be timed perfectly to align with the projection, along with sound effects, lighting, and other special effects that must seamlessly fit into the production.

The show features about 300 costumes and 50 wigs for the 35-member cast – Evita alone wears 19 costumes – requiring many changes as characters come and go throughout the show. That requires enough backstage help from the costume and wig & make-up crews to ensure that the actors can quickly make the changes and not miss their cues.

As Technical Director Paul Martin puts it, “Usually for as many people you have on stage, you need twice as many backstage.”

With all of the great efforts (and long hours) put into the show by the talented cast and crew, Evita is sure to be a musical – and visual – delight.

You can learn more about the production hereEvita runs Nov. 17 (preview) – 21 in Corbett Auditorium on the University of Cincinnati campus. Tickets to select performances are still available by calling 513-556-4183.

Season Production Sponsor: Macy’s
Musical Theatre Program Sponsor: The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation
Evita Production Sponsor: Leo Munick, MD & Alice Fegelman

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