Annunziata Tomaro

CCM faculty member Annunziata Tomaro recently received one of two second prizes (no first prize was awarded) at the International “Antonio Pedrotti” Competition for Orchestra Conductors in Trento, Italy. From a pool of over 500 applicants hailing from 30 countries, 97 conductors took part in the competition, which ran from Sept. 27 through Oct. 2.

In the initial elimination round with pianos and singers, 97 competitors were narrowed down to 17 who advanced to the next round to conduct the Orchestra Haydn of Bolzano and Trento. The International Jury then selected eight conductors to move into the semi-finals. The competition was then narrowed down to five conductors for the final round and concert with the Orchestra Haydn in Santa Chiara Auditorium in Trento, Italy. Competitors were expected to conduct from any one of 17 scores that were required, representing standard symphonic repertoire, as well as opera and contemporary music.

According to the judges, the finalists were at a high level and it is was difficult to select one first prize winner. Instead, two second prizes were awarded to Annunziata Tomaro and Pieter de Boer (Netherlands). Two third prizes were also awarded to Hideaka Matsumura (Japan) and Debora Waldman (Israel), with Hikaru Hebihara (Japan) receiving an honorary mention.

Annunziata Tomaro is an assistant professor of conducting at CCM. She is music director of the Concert Orchestra and Café MoMus Contemporary Ensemble at CCM, and also acts as associate conductor of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra. You can learn more about Tomaro here.

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